Apple has recently acknowledged and is actively investigating a touch-related issue affecting some Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 displays. In an internal memo shared with Apple Authorized Service Providers, the tech giant stated it is aware of customers reporting “ghost touches,” where the display registers taps and swipes even when not being touched.

The reported problem may cause affected Apple Watch screens to behave erratically, jumping or exhibiting unexpected behavior without user interaction. Some users may describe this issue as experiencing “ghost touches.” Notably, the glitch could lead to unintentional phone calls and hinder users from entering their device’s passcode.

While Apple did not disclose the widespread nature of the problem or provide a specific timeframe for a potential fix, the company advises users to keep their Apple Watch software up to date. This suggests Apple aims to address the issue through a future watchOS update. However, it remains unclear whether defective hardware contributes to the problem.

Apple has instructed technicians not to repair affected models during the ongoing investigation. Instead, users experiencing the issue are advised to force restart their Apple Watch by holding down the Digital Crown and the side button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, both released in September 2023, appear to be affected by this ‘ghost touches’ bug. Despite the potential widespread impact, there are limited online reports from users experiencing this specific problem. The scarcity of recent mentions could be attributed to not all users sharing their experiences online.

The issue, as described in the memo, prompts questions about the cause and whether a software update can remedy it. Users encountering these problems on their Apple Watch currently lack a guaranteed temporary fix. Nevertheless, Apple’s memo suggests that a force restart and keeping the device’s software up to date may alleviate the issue to some extent.

As Apple continues to investigate, users are advised to stay tuned for official updates. If any more information surfaces from Apple, we will be sure to keep you informed.