Google has just given a cool update to the camera app on the Pixel Watch. Before this update, the camera on the Pixel Watch was pretty basic, with just photo mode, a zoom slider, a three-second timer, and the ability to switch between front and rear cameras.

Google Pixel Watch Camera App Update

But now, it’s gotten a lot cooler. You can switch between different camera modes like Night Sight and Portrait while taking pictures. And guess what? You can even switch modes while recording videos, like regular, slow-motion, time-lapse, or portrait blur videos. Before, you had to do all this on your Pixel phone, but now it’s right there on your smartwatch, making things way more convenient.

Oh, and the timer got an upgrade too. Now, you have a 10-second timer option along with the old 3-second one. Also, they changed some names – the main list is now called Settings, and the camera switcher is now a menu instead of just a single tap.

If you’re not seeing these cool updates, make sure your Pixel Watch’s camera app is up to date. You can check it in the Play Store. Oh, and one more thing – if you’re using the Pixel Watch with a non-Pixel phone, you might not get all these features. So, keep that in mind!