How To Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting: Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform, introducing exciting new features to keep you engaged. One of the most popular features is the ability to work together on your posts. Instagram collaboration is an exciting way for users to collaborate with friends, influencers, or businesses to create content for a wider audience. Instagram is a fantastic opportunity to promote each other and tap into your collaborator’s followers. Today we will talk about Instagram collaboration and, most importantly, how you can invite someone to join your Instagram-published post.

How To Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting Reel

Step 1: Open Instagram on your mobile.

Step 2: Go to the post you want to collaborate on. You can find posts to collaborate by scrolling through your profile’s feed or you may use the search feature.

Step 3: To Edit Your Post tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the post.

Step 4: Choose the “Edit” option from the drop-down list.

Step 5: To add your collaborator tap on “Tag People” to add your collaborator to the post.

Step 6: Save Changes After tagging your collaborator, save the changes you’ve made to the post.

Step 7: Notify Your Collaborator that you’ve added them to your post. This is the best way, to keep you engaged with the content and share it on their profile.

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Instagram collaboration FAQ

Instagram is highly active and stands as an energetic platform where users can collaborate and create content together. Whether you’re an aspiring influencer or a brand looking to expand your reach, collaboration can be a powerful tool. To better understand the collaboration on Instagram, we are here to answer frequently asked questions.

Q: We can Collaborate with multiple users on a single post?

A: Absolutely! You can start on collaborative adventures with multiple users within a single post. To do this, simply repeat the process of adding collaborators for each collaborator. This adds a layer of richness to your content.

Q: Can I add a collaborator to a post?

A: You can only add collaborators to your posts.

Q: What happens when a collaborator is added to a post?

A: When a collaborator is added to the post it becomes displayed beneath the post. This means that their followers will also have the pleasure of seeing your collaborative masterpiece pop up in their feeds.

Q: How I can remove a collaborator from a post?

A: The collaboration is flexible, Go to the post’s edit mode, find the collaborator’s name, and with a few clicks you can remove them.

Q: Can I collaborate with someone who doesn’t follow me on Instagram?

A: Yes! it is possible to Collaborate with people who do not follow your Instagram account. To start the collaboration, they will need to accept your collaboration request. In this way, you can connect with a broader network of creatives and influencers.


Instagram Collaboration is a treasure of opportunities. It’s a fantastic method to broaden your network, to engage with a diverse audience. The process of adding a collaborator is simple, and the rewards are big. You can use this feature to grow Instagram presence for individuals, businesses, and influencers. Start your collaborative journey and unlock Instagram’s full potential in all its mysterious and captivating glory!