If you’re looking to buy your best gaming controller, no more wait now the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is here! Gamers Xbox Elite is for your competitive games, putting exceptional performance, customization, and durability at your fingertips. Play like a pro. It provides you with 3 custom profiles on the controller and switch between them seamlessly. Xbox series 2 comes with adjustable-tension thumbsticks, so you can tailor your control to your preferred gaming style. Plus, with the Xbox Accessories app, you’ll have exclusive button mapping options for limitless customization

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Features

Rubberized Grips:

The rubberized grips on the Series 2 go beyond mere comfort. Unlike its predecessor, which only had rubberized grips on the backs of the legs, the Series 2 features wraparound textured grips that extend up to your thumbs. This design choice not only enhances grip but also minimizes the likelihood of slipping during extended gaming sessions. The controller stays cool and comfy even during long gaming sessions, making it perfect for gamers who play a lot.

Basically, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 isn’t just for gaming; it’s a fancy, well-made device that makes gaming better as soon as you pick it up. The careful design details, along with the smooth black look and rubbery grips, create a new standard for what a really good gaming controller should be like.

Magnetic Analog Sticks: 

The Series 2 comes equipped with three sets of magnetic, stainless steel analog sticks, allowing for easy customization. The swappable sticks include two sets of concave-topped sticks—one of standard height and another double the height—along with a set of domed sticks. This versatility empowers users to fine-tune their controller’s feel and responsiveness, with options catering to different gaming genres and personal preferences. The analog ball joints provide a solid and buttery-smooth movement, elevating the precision and responsiveness beyond what standard controllers offer.

Swappable D-Pads: 

Diving further into customization, the Series 2 includes two swappable D-pads—an orthodox “plus” design and a circular, almost octagonal shape. These options, easily interchangeable with magnetic fittings, cater to gamers who prioritize directional precision. Whether navigating complex menus or executing precise in-game movements, the ability to switch between these D-pad designs ensures that the controller adapts to the unique needs of each player.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Hair-Trigger Mode:

A cool thing about this controller is the hair-trigger mode. It lets you set up each trigger so you don’t have to press it down. This is super handy in fast-shooter games where shooting quickly is a big deal. It might not be useful for every type of game, but being able to switch between the regular and hair-trigger modes is great for different ways people like to play.

Gameplay Through Back Paddles:

The inclusion of four detachable paddles at the back of the controller opens up a realm of possibilities for customization. Players can remap functions to these paddles, eliminating the need to take thumbs off the analog sticks during critical moments. While this feature adds an extra layer of complexity, especially for those unaccustomed to back paddles, it provides a competitive edge for those willing to invest time in mastering the additional controls.

Elite 2 Controller vs. Its Predecessor:

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 represents a significant evolution from its predecessor, addressing concerns and introducing innovative features that enhance both design and functionality.

Wraparound Textured Grips:

A notable improvement is evident in the controller’s design, specifically in the area of grips. The Series 2 introduces wraparound textured grips that extend up to your thumbs, providing a more secure and comfortable feel during extended gaming sessions. These grips, a response to concerns with the original model, not only enhance the controller’s aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a more satisfying gaming experience.

Adjustable-Tension Thumbsticks: 

The Series 2 introduces adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a feature absent in its predecessor. With a small metal adjuster resembling a SIM removal tool, users can fine-tune the tension of the thumbsticks. This customization option allows players to choose between three levels of tension, altering the feel of the thumbsticks to suit individual preferences. This addition enhances the overall responsiveness and control, catering to gamers who seek precision in their gameplay.

USB-C and Bluetooth Support

Keeping pace with technological advancements, the Series 2 incorporates USB-C connectivity. This modernized connection ensures a fast and reliable link between the controller and gaming devices, eliminating concerns associated with older USB standards. Moreover, the inclusion of Bluetooth support broadens the controller’s compatibility, enabling wireless connectivity not only with Xbox consoles but also with PCs and mobile devices. This versatility enhances the Series 2’s appeal as a multi-platform gaming accessory.

 Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 App Ecosystem:

Beyond its physical attributes, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 introduces an extensive app ecosystem that empowers users to take customization to a whole new level.

Xbox Accessories App: 

Central to the customization experience is the Xbox Accessories App. This standalone application, refined and more user-friendly than ever, acts as the control center for adjusting every aspect of the Series 2. From stick sensitivity to vibration intensity and brightness, users have unprecedented control over their gaming environment. The intuitive interface makes the customization process accessible to both casual and hardcore gamers, ensuring that personal preferences can be easily fine-tuned.

Xbox Accessories App

Shift Options for Buttons: 

The Series 2 introduces a novel feature known as shift options. This allows users to assign secondary functions to buttons by holding them down—a macro-like functionality that can be particularly advantageous in certain game genres. Whether executing complex moves in strategy games or enhancing sensitivity for precise aiming, the shift options broaden the range of actions a player can perform without the need for complex button combinations.

System-Level Customization: 

What truly sets the Series 2 apart is its ability to extend customization beyond individual games. The app allows for system-level button mapping, letting users configure the controller’s inputs for actions like recording gameplay, taking screenshots, or viewing achievements. This feature, while currently not available on PC, showcases the controller’s potential to evolve with future software updates, providing a glimpse into the controller’s long-term relevance.

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Performance on Xbox One, Series X|S, and PC:

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 doesn’t just promise customization; it delivers a superior gaming experience across multiple platforms, showcasing remarkable performance and responsiveness.

Response Times:

Gaming is all about split-second decisions, and the Series 2 excels in delivering rapid response times. The controller’s precise input recognition ensures that your actions in the real world seamlessly translate into the gaming environment. Whether engaged in intense firefights or executing precise platforming maneuvers, the Series 2’s responsiveness becomes a crucial asset, providing a competitive edge for gamers who demand precision and speed.

Weighing the Options: 

The weightier feel of the Series 2 is a design choice that resonates with many gamers. While some may find it slightly clunky, the majority appreciate the substantiality it brings to the gaming experience. The added weight contributes to a sense of stability, making the controller feel more grounded during extended gaming sessions. This characteristic, combined with the adjustable-tension thumbsticks, allows players to find the perfect balance that suits their individual preferences.

System Compatibility: 

The Series 2 goes beyond being an Xbox-exclusive accessory, offering seamless integration with Windows 10 PCs. 

The controller comes with a USB-C cable, so you can use it on a computer right away. If you want to use it wirelessly on a computer, you’ll need to buy the Xbox Wireless Adapter, but that’s easy to do.

 This cross-platform compatibility expands the Series 2’s utility, allowing gamers to transition effortlessly between Xbox consoles and PCs, providing a consistent and familiar gaming experience.

Battery Life and Charging Solutions:

As players consider the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, a critical factor that comes into play is the durability and longevity of this premium gaming device.

Built-in Battery and Charging Dock:

A notable change in the Series 2 is the inclusion of a built-in battery, addressing a key drawback of its predecessor. With a promised 40 hours of gaming on a single charge, Microsoft aims to provide a balance between convenience and longevity. The integration of a charging dock within the carrying case further emphasizes the commitment to user-friendly features that enhance the controller’s lifespan.

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The Price Tag Dilemma:

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is a premium gaming accessory, but the hefty price tag prompts a critical examination of its value proposition.

At £159.99 / $179.99 / AU$249.95, the Series 2 sits firmly in the high-end spectrum of gaming controllers. For dedicated gamers who prioritize comfort, precision, and an unparalleled level of control, the Series 2 is more than a controller; it’s an investment in an elevated gaming experience. The tangible improvements in design, customization, and performance make it a justifiable splurge for those who view gaming as not just a hobby but a passion.

Bundle Options:

Recognizing the financial commitment required, Microsoft offers an alternative through the Elite Xbox One bundle. Priced at $500, £400, or AU$600, this bundle includes the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, effectively reducing the standalone controller’s price. Additionally, the bundle features a 1TB solid-state hybrid drive, enhancing the overall gaming package. For those entering the Xbox ecosystem or seeking an upgrade, this bundle provides a more accessible entry point to the world of premium gaming.


In conclusion, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 emerges as a top-tier gaming accessory, setting a new standard for customization and comfort. While its price may be a deterrent for some, the unparalleled gaming experience it offers, coupled with the innovative features, makes it a justifiable investment for avid gamers seeking the ultimate control over their gameplay. As the gaming landscape evolves, Microsoft’s Elite 2 controller stands as a testament to the fusion of luxury and functionality in the realm of gaming peripherals.